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Rocks by the Sea


Rocks. Coloured pencils and Markers on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig December 2012.

The reference photo for this piece was a greyscale photo. I changed the foreground and simplified it, and added the sea (there was only sky on the photo). What really had attracted my eye was the shape of the rocks and the textures, so I tried to recreate these with the coloured pencils.

Regarding the grass I not only used more or less all of my green pencils but also quite a few of my markers – the yellow green, the olive green and the lime green. Of course I had to be careful not to use a marker which was too dark. I found out that I could put green markers which are rather light on all kinds of green pencils, but not the other way round.

Sunset with Coloured Pencils


Sunset. Coloured pencils on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig, December 2012

In November 2012 the monthly challenge for the acrylic forum was “sunsets” and there were some wonderful reference photos of sunsets. I downloaded two of them with the intention of doing them with acrylics. However, the month of November passed, and the reference photo still waited to be painted.

In December I switched to coloured pencils again. I’d never thought of doing a sunset with them, but I had to look at the photo again and again. Then I thought “Why not?” and began to draw… It sure was a challenge, but the result encourages me to try other subjects which are also not often done with coloured pencils…

Blue Fantasy

flower fantasy

Blue Fantasy. Coloured pencils and markers on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig December 2012.

The reference I had for this drawing was an acrylic tutorial. I wanted to explore how it would be to do a coloured pencil piece with it, and I quite like the result. Of course there’s a big difference regarding the application of lighter colours. With acrylics you can put white on a dark blue, whereas with coloured pencils and markers you cannot. You have to work from light to dark.

A Pair of flamingos


A pair of flamingos. Coloured pencils and markers. Ulla Hennig November 2012

I had a reference photo from the Reference Images Library at WetCanvas, and for the first time I used the grid method to get the proportions right, instead of simply tracing the image. It takes a lot more time doing it this way, but it makes one look very closely at the reference image and the image one is drawing.

Regarding the background I took big liberties with the photo. I wanted it to be bright and cheerful.

Polychromos Coloured pencils and Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils, used dry. Markers: Delta Markers from Rotbart, copic ciaos.
Watercolour paper from Hahnemühle Fine Art, 17×24 cms.