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Red Rose


Red Rose. Drawn with pen and ink, coloured with markers. Ulla Hennig 2012

I was inspired by a video on YouTube about how to draw a rose. I watched the video and did a quick pencil sketch. Then I took a sheet of transparent paper and refined the sketch with pen and ink. I wanted to experiment with various marker colours, so I made some copies of the drawing.

I didn’t use any coloured pencils on that drawing. Instead of this I tried to┬áproduce shades by adding grey. I first made the mistake of taking a grey which was too dark, as you can see on the right side of the rose. I also found out that you can mix colours on the paper in some way – by applying a terra cotta first and then the green which leads to a kind of brownish green.




Faces #3

Faces #3. Markers. Ulla Hennig August 2012

I thought a lot about showing these faces. I chose the wrong colour for the upper one – no human face is as pink as this one. It is a downright ugly, blotchy face. But then I thought of it as the face of a gnome. Gnomes can have colours of all sorts, can’t they? Or maybe the chap normally lives somewhere in a cave without any sun light, and had to leave the cave and got this terrible sunburn? Or he just had something very unhealthy for dinner and is now in a state of shock?

The second face is the absolute opposite to it. He looks like he’s never getting any sun rays at all. But he’s got some nice hair, hasn’t he…

Faces – coloured

Faces, coloured with Markers. Ulla Hennig, August 2012

I coloured these faces with Delta Markers. These Delta Markers are a good alternative to copics markers. They are less than half the price. They cannot be refilled, however, and the range of colours is limited (80 colours instead of 360). They are made by a German company, so I do not know if you can get them outside Germany.

Fish – WIP

Fish. Acrylics on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig August 2012

This is just the beginning of another voyage into the lands of Acrylics (actually it is my second one). The fish lacks some fins, and the ground lacks some plants and maybe some rocks as well. But acrylics make it easy to add (and to take away).



Faces. Ulla Hennig August 2012

Some days ago I rediscovered my pad of transparent paper. I’d bought it quite some time ago (I actually cannot remember when), and I’d never done anything with it.

Now I use it to work on my sketches and drawings. First I make a rough and loose sketch on some old paper, and then I put on transparent paper and clean it up. I had one rough sketch for the two faces above, and it was fun drawing two quite different faces out of it.

Dancing Dragon – coloured

Dancing dragon. Drawn with pen and ink, coloured with Alpha markers. Ulla Hennig, August 2012

Back to markers with this one. I had done the lineart in July (you can see it here). I copied the lineart drawing, so I can try out several colour versions. This time I left the coloured pencils out and focused on various shades of green.

The colours of the Rainbow

Abstract. Markers and coloured pencils on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig July 2012

I never thought that I would have so much fun doing abstract paintings. For a long time I had been thinking that colours “are not my thing”. Now I know how important it is to leave my comfort zone, to try out new things. In addition to that I feel like discovering new planets and new worlds. And there is so much to discover!