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Yellow flowers

Yellow flower - Vector art

Yellow flower - Vector art. Done in Inkscape and Photoshop by Ulla Hennig

Although I know that this piece has some flaws I decided to publish it. It has been put together rather quickly, and I will definitely have to work on it before using it as a design for Zazzle products.

But in relation to the time I have spent on it and the time I have been working with Inkscape I am rather proud of it. In some weeks’ time I will probably look back on it and think “And you really published this? You must have been crazy!” But in some way I like you to give me company on my way, to share my learning curves and my joy about each step I am taking.


Unknown but Beautiful

Unknown but beautiful

Unknown but Beautiful. Photo: Ulla Hennig May 2011

There are certain flowers you could call impressive, majestic, beautiful, eye-catching. Roses for me are such flowers, or tulips in their ever so many colours.

This purple one however has been growing in a quite unspectacular manner in a green patch along the pathway I often take. I don’t know its name, that’s why I call it “the unkknown flower”. However I think it’s beautiful. The funny thing is that the more I look at the photo the more its beauty moves me. It didn’t when I took the photo. I more or less wanted to try out the macro function on my new camera. So my camera made me have a closer look at it – without it I would have passed it without noticing it.

Thank you for the Music!

On Friday evening I went out to a dance party and danced my shoes off. The music was special – from the early days of twist and shout and the crazy time of rock’n roll till – ABBA. I love to move to the music of this band, and there are a few songs I really love. “Thank you for the music” is definitely one of them, and I think it is the perfect one to begin the week with! Here it is:

Two Bananas


Two Bananas. Vector painting done with Inkscape. May 2011, Ulla Hennig

Some people have their “watercolour phases” or they are deeply into oil (hah – that sounds funny!). I have my Vector phase. The more I work/create with Inkscape the more I love it. In the beginning it was really hard because it is quite different to Photoshop. I had an idea in my mind, and got frustrated because I was not able to put it into practice. Grrr!

But on the other hand I don’t give up easily, whether I have to deal with a computer problem or with a new software. So I prodded along stubbornly, but I must admit it was hard work for me. Now I’ve entered the stage where it is fun and fascination, and I can not only see what’s possible with this software but also what I can do with it. And that’s a wonderful feeling!

Blossoms again!

Tree in blossoms

Tree in blossoms. Photo: Ulla Hennig

What a beautiful sight! Unfortunately we are just having a period of rather nasty and cold weather, but the weather forecast is announcing rising temperatures and sunshine for the coming weekend. 

We had some April days which reminded me very strongly of Summer – above 20 degrees Celsius. The long Easter Weekend was gorgeous, and even the weekend after that provided a blue sky and sunshine all over, although with a strong wind. 

So there’s no reason to be grumpy because of the weather, it has beeen good to us here in Berlin.

The Alpine Ibex


Capricorn - Pencil Drawing by Ulla Hennig

The alpine ibex is a species of wild goat and lives in the European Alps, mainly in the Italian Alps. Inspite of their massive bodies they move elegantly from one steep cliff to another.