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Drawing a Dragon

I have discovered Youtube as a treasure trove full of drawing and painting tutorials. Often I watch them just for getting new ideas or inspirations. Of course the spoken words of the artist in the tutorial are important, but it is also the way they draw or paint
In the following video I am fascinated by the way the artist creates the dragon with a few quick strokes in such a short time! Ah well, I might have a try myself…


By the way this is post #300! That’s quite a number to celebrate, isn’t it?

Dolphin III

One of the fascinating features of photoshop is that you can create your own shapes. That is what I did here: I created a form out of my scanned dolphin by using the pen-tool and then converted this form into a shape (well, actually the program did it!). The big advantage of a shape is that you can re-size it, turn it, and color it in whatever way you like it.

After having done all that I thought I could use it as a design for my Zazzle shop. It fits very well on a bag, a mug and an apron. Here’s just the bag, but you can find all the other products when you go to my store and enter “dancing dolphins” in the search field.

Dolphin II – the digital painting

Dolphin, digital painting

Dolphin. Sketch and digital painting done by Ulla Hennig

I published the sketch of the dolphin in my Wednesday blog post. Here is the result of working on it in Photoshop: After having filled the shape with a blueish-gray color I did the shadows with the brush tool. I added the final touch by using the layer filter tool.

I don’t know whether I will use this digital painting for a Zazzle design. However I used the dolphin sketch for creating a Zazzle design – if you’ll visit this blog on next Monday you will see how I did that!

Sketch of a dolphin


Dolphin. Sketch done by Ulla Hennig

For some days now I have been looking for reference photos everywhere. I have a weekly tv magazine with some pretty photos in it. The photo of the dolphin was part of an article about high resolution tv. I put it into my folder for reference photos, and on the weekend I sat down and did the sketch.

And now I’ve got it scanned and uploaded to flickr and I am thinking of the range of possibilities it offers me: Could it be the source for a digital painting? Or the source of a photoshop shape which I could use over and over again, like those leaves which I published on Monday. Many ideas–and so little time!