My first Sale

Yesterday morning I opened my inbox and there it was: my first information from Zazzle about a sale. A woman from Vienna had decided to buy that apron with the busy bee on it. Wow! You can imagine that I did quite some happy dance. Somebody liked my design so much that she decided to buy the apron!

Some time later I thought about my feelings. Okay, everybody who is selling something is happy about the first sale – be it an article, a book, a painting or whatever. But my feelings went deeper. I had almost lost the belief in myself, in my designs, in my photos. I like them, I think they are cute or impressive or beautiful, but was I right to believe that? The fact that I actually sold something told me, that I have something to offer what other people might like or were looking for.

But does it really need a sale to give me that confidence? Good question.


About Ulla Hennig

I live and work in Berlin. Taking photos is one of my hobbies, and writing is one of my hobbies, too. So I decided not only to show some of my pictures here but also present some of the thought which came wth the pictures.

5 responses to “My first Sale”

  1. Judy Adamson says :

    Congratulaltions, Ulla. It IS very exciting when that first sale notification arrives! There’s a thread on the GCU forum about this and some of the experienced ‘sellers’ say it never goes away but the first one is special. I think it’s ‘normal’ for many of us to need a sale to give us that confidence. Certainly happened to me last year! Until the point when a complete stranger is willing to pay money for your design, there’s always, at the very least, a little bit of doubt. Interesting topic for discussion!!

  2. Webgrrl says :

    Congrats Ulla! i saw this via a RT (twitter) – I hope you get many many more sales. I remember my first sale ever (Cafepress) and i got so excited and my kids asked how much did i make, and i said $4 and they laughed at me, and i said its the best feeling ever and that one day i will have the last laugh – hehe,. Well today 5 years later, i am not laughing my way to the bank, BUT i am living totally off my art income which comes solely from Zazzle, Redbubble and Cafepress (mainly Zazzle though) – i live rather frugally but i am determined to make my fulltime income from my arts.

    I didnt start it full time till early this year, so i am giving myself till Jan 2012 and i am confident that i will get there. And each time i make a sale, i say out loud THANK YOU cuz it dont matter if i make 35cents or $35 for a sale – the feeling is beyond awesome, its like someone out there is validating my life, my passion for creating art.

    My kids are all now grown up and left home, and they dont laugh at my ‘income’ anymore, cuz they think its quite cool that i can work for myself doing what i most LOVE to do..

    Just BELIEVE in yourself and i trust you will get many more sales (marketing helps a lot too..hahaha)

    take care,

  3. Flynn says :

    Hmmm. I’d say the difference is between 1. That you can create and 2. that you can create the right kind of thing to actually make money off it.

    It IS a huge boost – and after you sell a few more things, you can look back at how ambivalent you may have been about a certain design and realise that actually, you were quite right when you put it up, it just hadn’t had time to start selling properly 😀

    Well done, and congratulations, anyway! It IS awesome ^_^

  4. Brad Shorr says :

    Congratulations, Ulla! Making a sale is always a thrill – probably even more when it doesn’t happen right away.

  5. sandyspider says :

    Congratulations, Ulla! May you have many more soon!

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