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After rediscovering my Tumblr I am now discovering Facebook and Facebook fan pages. In fact I built a Fan Page called ArtandMusic with the focus in my squidoo pages on art history, artists, composer and music history. But I am also showcasing art blogs, photos of paintings and drawings. Whereas my Tumblr is a rather accidental collection of web pages which are of interest to me, ArtandMusic is to offer bits and pieces to the public which is interested in those two fields. At least, that is my intention, and I hope to be able to deliver.

After this  piece of shameless promotion I want to share some thoughts concerning Facebook and Twitter, and I am very interested in getting your opinion on the subject.

  1. Whereas Twitter is loud and noisy Facebook is some kind of quiet conversation with dear friends. With Twitter you enter a pub, and you know a lot of people, and they are talking. You say “hi”, and there is an exchange of words, some of which are going a bit deeper, but then conversations turn to other subjects.  It is nice, and often you get a lot of interesting information.
  2. I have got the impression that Facebook gives you the chance to “dig deeper”, especially when you are following a fan page (or fanning a page?). You can re-read what somebody said, and you can comment even a day later. One of the fan pages I am a fan of is “The Writing Space“. If you hop over and have a look, you will see what I mean – the pace is much slower, but it goes much deeper than it would be possible with Twitter.

However, this is just my humble opinion. You are invited to join the discussion: Where are the differences between Facebook and Twitter, and what do you prefer and why?


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About Ulla Hennig

I live and work in Berlin. Taking photos is one of my hobbies, and writing is one of my hobbies, too. So I decided not only to show some of my pictures here but also present some of the thought which came wth the pictures.

4 responses to “Facebook and Twitter”

  1. Brad Shorr says :

    Hi Ulla, It’s nice connecting with you on FB, at least a little. My FB experience is somewhat like yours. FB tends to have more involved discussions that often include several people. On Twitter, conversations with multiple people get a little confusing. Your point about FB being less time sensitive is very good. I still like Twitter for sharing information and staying in touch with business oriented connections. But I’m sensing a bit of a shift to FB. FB makes it easier to follow conversations because of how you are alerted when new comments come in. On the downside, FB has so many applications, and controlling the settings and filters is so complicated, you get a barrage of unwanted information. Twitter is more focused, less cluttered in that respect.

  2. Dianne says :

    Great post, thank you, ulla!

    I joined facebook before twitter, but always found it too complicated and fussy and rather overwhelming. Having discovered twitter and all its wonderful possibilities, I have pretty much ignored facebook, preferring to catch up with friends and family by email and phone.

    But recently I have tried facebook again. And slowly, I am realising the possibilities there as well. The fab fan pages of yourself and Joanna are a wonderful inspiration, thank you!

    I love the analogy of a pub for twitter, Ulla! And I can see what you mean about multiple conversations, Brad, the linear conversations on facebook profiles are more like blog comments and much easier to follow than conversations on twitter … putting three @someone’s at the beginning of a tweet makes it a very short tweet!

    But on the time sensitive side, not being on twitter every day, I have often replied to an @message days later, and am now using my lists to check what people have said recently. I have a feeling lists can be useful in lots of ways, but haven’t yet explored properly.

    You might find this interesting: The Virtual Revolution: Homo Interneticus. It was a BBC documentary exploring ‘Generation Web’ and looking at the different ways we behave online. http://bit.ly/awPBTX

  3. Joanna Young says :

    Hi Ulla, thanks for sharing these thoughts.

    I have to confess I never really liked being on FB until I developed the fan page – I like the chance it offers to share some ideas, questions and thoughts and see what other people are doing. I find that an easier way to use it than posting updates on my own profile, which always makes me feel uncomfortable (partly because of confusion in my mind about how to classify friends).

    thank you for highlighting the writing space on FB by the way – I appreciate it.

    Twitter for me remains my favourite site – somewhere to connect, switch off, communicate fast & furious… though you’re right.. you do have to be in the mood for it 🙂

  4. Judy Adamson says :

    Hi Ulla – what an interesting topic for a blog post! I do agree with what you’ve written but I hadn’t thought much about it previously – except that I realised at once that everything moves superfast on Twitter! I read today (somewhere on a blog, I’ve forgotten where!!!) that Twitter is really more of a search engine than social media. Wonder what you think about that?

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