Coping with Change

It looks like February 2010 is a month of change. The Blog Joyful Jubilant Learning closes down, and Joanna Young over at announced in a blog post that she’ll give her blog a break till the end of March. I have been following both blogs for quite some time, and enjoyed reading the inspiring posts and the comments. I also tried to participate by writing comments myself, but often I only lurked.

In both cases my first reaction was that of feeling a grave loss – as if somebody would have taken something away from me. But now my feelings tend to go in another direction. What a great time we had together! And how much input and energy Rosa Say and Joanna Young invested in their blogs with their regular postings without making a big fuss about it. When I first arrived at Confident Writing, Joanna made me feel welcomed; I have never met such a friendly atmosphere before. Joyful Jubilant Learning exuded the same friendliness and warmth. So a big thanks to you, Rosa, and you, Joanna!

And now both have decided to focus on other things. They have been giving for a long, long time, and now: who could say that they are not entitled to take? To do what they think is good for them?

So, instead of sulking and feeling bitter and left alone and whatever, I will do two things: as the blogs still exist and are treasure troves full of important, interesting and innovative blogpposts (many of which I haven’t read yet) I will go there and read.

Having read them I will try to learn from them – and put into practice those things that matter for me.

And one important sentence at the end: You can meet Rosa Say at Talking Story with Rosa Say and Joanna Young at flickr!



About Ulla Hennig

I live and work in Berlin. Taking photos is one of my hobbies, and writing is one of my hobbies, too. So I decided not only to show some of my pictures here but also present some of the thought which came wth the pictures.

8 responses to “Coping with Change”

  1. Joanna Young says :

    Thank you so much for writing this Ulla. I also wanted to make people feel welcome, and it means a lot that it worked! I’m sure there will still be comments and exchanges at CW as people dip into the archives – there are some posts with very long running conversations!

    Plus I have a feeling that whatever I do next will have some web presence attached to it… and I will of course try and entice you over to it once I’m ready.

    Meantime, thank you again for such a generous attitude – and being so honest, as ever.

  2. Brad Shorr says :

    Hi Ulla, Endings are also beginnings – we always have to remember that. Change is healthy, and I look forward with joyful expectation to the next chapter from Rosa and Joanna both.

  3. diannemr says :

    Oh Ulla! I’m glad you’re feeling better about it now! x

    Change, although healthy and positive, is often hard, especially when it means the end of something we love. But like Brad says, endings always hold beginnings within. And even if Rosa and Joanna don’t continue JJL and CW, the lovely warm communities they have nurtured will continue to grow, I’m sure.

    I add my thanks and warm wishes to Rosa and Joanna and look forward to what happens next!


  4. Rosa Say says :

    Oh Ulla, you did so much more than “try to participate by writing comments (and lurking)!” You wrote a book review for A Love Affair with Books, in a genre new to many of us stuck in non-fiction. You taught us how to use Squidoo, something I am contemplating doing when I can – maybe a lens about JJL would be a good first? And you wrote three other posts, all exceptionally thoughtful and giving of your own joy in learning:
    1. Lessons from One and a half Year of Living Alone
    2. Celebrate your Successes!
    3. Learning to Love Yourself is the Greatest Love of All

    Your giving to JJL, and your learning with us, was extraordinary!

    I too am feeling a warmer joy knowing that you have arrived at this place of acceptance with my JJL decision (and I greatly appreciated our private conversation earlier – I needed it too.) You continue to teach us buy writing this.

    Perhaps this is yet another lesson we all have about learning, and about what happens when you commit to something as you did. The bravery to share blog comments can be huge in any blog context, yet to do so when the unsaid message to everyone else is that you write your words openly, as a vulnerable learner? Wow; that is profound courage with greater risks! Far greater rewards as well. Rewards we were all so honored to enjoy and share in with you.

    We now all learn an ending which opens up in another way, in which we are challenged to keep both our learning lessons and learner relationships intact, and ever progressively growing. And in no small part due to your posting here, I feel we are doing very, very well indeed. We most certainly will Ho‘omau (continue, in a way causing the good to be long-lasting) at Talking Story, Confident Writing, and here!

    In joy, in learning, and in bountiful aloha,

  5. Anne says :

    Ulla: wonderful post…I too am going thru a “time of grief” at this loss…which is normal when something we love, ends…but as all of you have said, it’s also a new beginning. And we don’t have to do without them, which is a real blessing! Love you guys!

  6. --Deb says :

    I’m with you–those two bits of news threw me, too. I’m understanding and accepting, and all, but still kind of sad for those of us left behind (grin)

  7. Rosa Say says :

    Oh Deb! I think I can speak for Joanna too (she is probably fast asleep as I write this) in saying we have no intention of leaving you or Ulla behind! You aren’t going to get rid of us that easily… I admit that my JJL announcement may have seemed it was coming out of left field, but ball is still very much in play and both you and Ulla are All Stars on the team, for sure.

  8. Wendee says :

    Ulla – What a lovely post. I had the very same thoughts as you. [sigh]
    I’m grateful for having been introduced to all these wonderful people. I plan on spending more time in the archives of both blogs, and … perhaps 😉 … getting back to writing, myself, to be able to help keep my bloggy friends up with what I’m doing.

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