From Music to the Arts

After having written some squidoo pages on Classical Music I changed my focus and decided to write about Leonardo da Vinci. As a young girl I read about him and Michelangelo, and was fascinated. And now some – many – years later, I still am fascinated:

Leonardo da  Vinci was a painter and a technician, a sculptor and an engineer. He used scientific methods, and he was one of the first people to dissect human bodies. He painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, and he invented the first hang glider.

He was interested in so many things, and he was good in so many things. He cannot be pegged as a painter nor as a scientist.

It makes me think about our modern society. I think we lack people who have many interests. We have many scientists with knowledge on a very high but specialised level. What about our general education? How do we encourage our young ones to explore new fields?

In German universities there have been discussions about the Studium generale – a sort of basic studies ranging from philosophy, the Arts, Mathematics to Law. These discussions stopped. At the moment we are debating the introduction of bachelor studies which press the old content into the new forms, with the effect that most students had to stop to earn money while studying – no time left. Of course they had to stop also having a look into other fields of study- no time for that.

Ah well, just some wild thoughts caused by writing a lens…

If you want to have a look: Leonardo da Vinci

About Ulla Hennig

I live and work in Berlin. Taking photos is one of my hobbies, and writing is one of my hobbies, too. So I decided not only to show some of my pictures here but also present some of the thought which came wth the pictures.

One response to “From Music to the Arts”

  1. Karen Swim says :

    Ulla, it sounds like writing the lenses really gives you a chance to explore your interests, to learn, discover and share that with others. I keep saying that I will Squidoo but have not yet followed through. Each time I read something from you, I know that I am missing out. Perhaps I should add that to the 2010 list.

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