Feed your Soul!

Just a red flower. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Just a red flower. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.

~The Koran

This quotation caught my eye because

  • it shows how poetic the Koran can be. Often we associate the Koran with the oppression of women, with a medieval way of doing justice or with violence against the “Infidels”. “Flowers feed also the soul” – when I read that I see a green oasis in the desert, with flowers in all kinds of colors. Imagine the caravanes coming in from the desert, where there’s only one color- the color of the sand and the sun and the cloudless sky.
  • it points out that we have to nourish our souls, too. We have to do the things which keep our body alive, the necessary things. But while doing that we often forget to feed our souls–by doing such things like looking at flowers, listening to the beauty of music, talking to our loved ones.

How do you feed your soul?

About Ulla Hennig

I live and work in Berlin. Taking photos is one of my hobbies, and writing is one of my hobbies, too. So I decided not only to show some of my pictures here but also present some of the thought which came wth the pictures.

2 responses to “Feed your Soul!”

  1. Alina Popescu says :

    Flowers and nature in general are great nourishment for the soul. So are our hobbies and passions and the warm feelings we feel coming from those we love.

    I like your take on the Koran, we do tend to concentrate on what we believe to be negative in other cultures and fail to discover their beauty.

  2. theBluesman says :

    read the koran more

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