The Early Bird and the Gold


FireSky, originally uploaded by Karey46.

There is this proverb: The Early Bird catches the Worm. I am no early bird, I must admit. And when I am forced to be one, I definitely won’t be able to catch any worm. It takes me quite a time to get into working mode. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been able yet to take sunrise pictures, in contrast to my dear web friend, Karey. But I digress.

Although the above saying is used more and more in its German translation, we in Germany have a somewhat different expression: “The early hour has gold in its mouth.” Sounds strange, doesn’t it? The last days I kept on thinking about the meaning of this sentence. I am not a dentist, so I don’t know since what time it has been usual to replace one’s own teeth with gold teeth. But people who do that need money, a lot of money. Gold teeth have been a way to show other people: “I am rich, I am productive, I am successful”.(Today, I think we tend to hide them, which is more expensive.)

So the saying “The early hour has gold in its mouth” simply means: When you get up early in the morning, you will be successful, you will get rich, and then you can afford a lot of gold teeth…

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About Ulla Hennig

I live and work in Berlin. Taking photos is one of my hobbies, and writing is one of my hobbies, too. So I decided not only to show some of my pictures here but also present some of the thought which came wth the pictures.

6 responses to “The Early Bird and the Gold”

  1. Karey says :

    I’m homored to have my photo on your blog. I love your writing and your friendship.

  2. Karen Swim says :

    Ulla, what a gorgeous picture that seems to hold promise for the day. The sunrise is a beautiful time of the morning and when I am fortunate enough to catch it I always feel “ahead.” Thanks for sharing Karey’s work and your thoughts.

  3. Rosa Say says :

    Karey, your photo is wonderful, and I will have to visit more of your photostream on Flickr. Thank you for sharing it with us Ulla.

    Ulla, I find that we can learn so much from cultural proverbs, and was fascinated by the one you shared! Here is one a bit similar from Hawaii:

    ‘Ōlelo No‘eau 2457: O ke ‘ehu kakahiaka no ka wā loa‘a
    The time to catch anything is in the early morning.
    Meaning; When you want to do something, don’t wait. Get at it as early as possible.

  4. Brad Shorr says :

    Ulla, I love that expression. Early morning is my favorite time of day, especially for writing. Karey’s photo captures the spirit perfectly.

  5. Eva Wallace says :

    Thanks for your comment on our blog, Ulla!
    “The early hour has gold in its mouth” – I like that.

    🙂 Eva

  6. Lunarossa says :

    “Morgenstunde had Gold im Munde” – the German language is so great! The first time I heard this expression I was watching “The Shining”. Do you remember? Jack Nicholson kept on writing it over and over again (in the German version of course!). Thanks for showing this beautiful photo. Ciao. Antonella

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