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Easter bunny Lunchbox

This design is based on a digital painting I did with photoshop quite some time ago. I think it fits nicely on the lunchbox…

Here in Berlin we are having spring temperatures in January, whereas other people suffer under extremely low temperatures.

Brown rabbit Lunchbox
Brown rabbit Lunchbox by ullahennig
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Notepads on Zazzle

I have been creating some notepads lately. Here are two of them:

Pumpkinflower notepad
Pumpkinflower notepad by ullahennig
Shop for Yellow pumpkinflower Notepads online at Zazzle.com

And here are two made by Simone Gatterwe:

Pirate Ship Notepad
Pirate Ship Notepad by Gatterwe
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Pumpkins everywhere!

It is definitely the season for pumpkins.

On Zazzle you can find: Pumpkin stickers, pumpkin ornaments and pumpkin cards, only to name a few. This is just a selection. Clicking on the links will lead you to many, many more. Enjoy!

Spooky Halloween 4 Sticker
Spooky Halloween 4 Sticker by Gatterwe
Check out other Halloween Stickers at zazzle.com
Spooky Halloween Card
Spooky Halloween Card by lamessegee
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And, at the very end, may I present a new creature – the pumpkinman?

Five gifted Zazzle Artists

There are so many gifted shopowners on Zazzle who need a bit of promotion. Just let me show you some extraordinary items I found on Zazzle:

1. A beautiful napkin

2. A watch with an amazing fantasy design:

3. A cute cheetah baby t-shirt

Herziges Gepardenbaby T-shirt
Herziges Gepardenbaby T-shirt by JAMFotoShirts
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4. An autumn owls cover for iPhone 5C

5. A Horse iPad Mini Cover

Horse iPad Mini Cover
Horse iPad Mini Cover by stylishDesign
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Cat cartoon on Zazzle

You’ve probably seen my cat cartoon in the last post. Well, I thought why not use it for Zazzle? Here are my first results:

Cartoon Cat Watch
Cartoon Cat Watch by ullahennig
Find more Cat Watches at Zazzle
Cartoon Cat Mug
Cartoon Cat Mug by ullahennig
Find more Cat Mugs at Zazzle

Fall designs

Today is the beginning of fall, and the days are now getting shorter than the nights. But autumn or fall has its qualities too – with all the leaves changing into wonderful colours.

Here are some of my products which reflect the colour explosion of fall. The design was created with a photoshop brush.

Pumpkinman on Zazzle

In my last post you saw him – the pumpkinman (yes, I think it is a “he”). I decided to put him on some Zazzle products:

Here’s a return address label.

And here’s the pumpkinman on a watch:

Pumpkinman Watch
Pumpkinman Watch by ullahennig
Look at Halloween Watches online at Zazzle.com

And here’s the mug:


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