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Easter bunny Lunchbox

This design is based on a digital painting I did with photoshop quite some time ago. I think it fits nicely on the lunchbox…

Here in Berlin we are having spring temperatures in January, whereas other people suffer under extremely low temperatures.

Brown rabbit Lunchbox
Brown rabbit Lunchbox by ullahennig
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Notepads on Zazzle

I have been creating some notepads lately. Here are two of them:

Pumpkinflower notepad
Pumpkinflower notepad by ullahennig
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And here are two made by Simone Gatterwe:

Pirate Ship Notepad
Pirate Ship Notepad by Gatterwe
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Pumpkins everywhere!

It is definitely the season for pumpkins.

On Zazzle you can find: Pumpkin stickers, pumpkin ornaments and pumpkin cards, only to name a few. This is just a selection. Clicking on the links will lead you to many, many more. Enjoy!

Spooky Halloween 4 Sticker
Spooky Halloween 4 Sticker by Gatterwe
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Spooky Halloween Card
Spooky Halloween Card by lamessegee
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And, at the very end, may I present a new creature – the pumpkinman?

Five gifted Zazzle Artists

There are so many gifted shopowners on Zazzle who need a bit of promotion. Just let me show you some extraordinary items I found on Zazzle:

1. A beautiful napkin

2. A watch with an amazing fantasy design:

3. A cute cheetah baby t-shirt

Herziges Gepardenbaby T-shirt
Herziges Gepardenbaby T-shirt by JAMFotoShirts
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4. An autumn owls cover for iPhone 5C

5. A Horse iPad Mini Cover

Horse iPad Mini Cover
Horse iPad Mini Cover by stylishDesign
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Cat cartoon on Zazzle

You’ve probably seen my cat cartoon in the last post. Well, I thought why not use it for Zazzle? Here are my first results:

Cartoon Cat Watch
Cartoon Cat Watch by ullahennig
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Cartoon Cat Mug
Cartoon Cat Mug by ullahennig
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Fall designs

Today is the beginning of fall, and the days are now getting shorter than the nights. But autumn or fall has its qualities too – with all the leaves changing into wonderful colours.

Here are some of my products which reflect the colour explosion of fall. The design was created with a photoshop brush.

Pumpkinman on Zazzle

In my last post you saw him – the pumpkinman (yes, I think it is a “he”). I decided to put him on some Zazzle products:

Here’s a return address label.

And here’s the pumpkinman on a watch:

Pumpkinman Watch
Pumpkinman Watch by ullahennig
Look at Halloween Watches online at Zazzle.com

And here’s the mug:

My Art on Zazzle

Actually I stopped creating designs for my Zazzle shop three months or so ago. I sold the one or other item, but that happened without any activity from my side. I somehow thought that it was either art or Zazzle, and I definitely preferred art.
However I have been reading the posts of ┬áthe zazzle group I am a member of, Zazzle family, and on one day I explained why I wasn’t doing any thing zazzlish. The answer was to go to Zazzle and have a look for art created with markers and coloured pencils. I would find loads of art used for designs. Indeed, I did.

Now I know: it is not an either – or thing. Doing art does not mean to give up creating products for my shop. Of course it takes additional time to prepare my art pieces for the design process. But on the other hand: Is it not a wonderful way to show my art to the public?

The fish on the mug above has been drawn with pen and ink and coloured with copic markers.

How I use Google+ for Marketing

I’ve got a shop on Zazzle, and I am a member of Google+. I am also on Twitter, and on Facebook, and have been using those two for marketing too.

  1. Twitter
    I have been tweeting the products scheduled all over the day, and as I used Hootsuite I could see whether any of my tweets were clicked on. As far as I could see, the number of clicks was very very low. In addition to that I myself find it boring to tweet just one product, even if the tweets are sent all over the day. And if I find the process of tweeting boring – what about the readers of these tweets?
  2. Facebook
    I am using Google Analytics on my Zazzle shop page, and I can see that I am getting a few clicks via Facebook. Facebook has the advantage that you have a thumbnail of the product. Thus people can see what the product/design looks like, and I think this is important. So I will keep on presenting new products on my Facebook Fan Page.
  3. Google+
    This week I began to experiment with marketing on Google+. One thing I did was to speak about the design or the art on the product – not the product itself (everybody can see that it is a mug, a mousepad, or poster, as Google+ also shows the thumbnail). And the other thing is that I tell the story behind the art/design. Why did I take this photo, and what does it show? How did I feel when I took it? With graphic design it is a bit more difficult, but I think that each piece of art and design tells something about ourselves, our feelings, our attitude towards creating things.
    Of course this takes far more time than just typing the url of the product. But when I did this today and the day before I deeply enjoyed it. It wasn’t boring at all for me. And I hope that people like the stories I am telling about me and my art and eventually may consider buying the one or the other products…

Weaving the Web

It is the 1st of June, and the first half of the year is almost over. It is time to think about things. In the last five years or so I have been active all over the web. I’ve acquired a Flickr pro account, and used flickr not only for presenting my photos but also to show some of my art.

I’ve been blogging regularly, focusing on my creative activities with the one and other thought about daily life in between.

I’ve registered with Squidoo, created over 60 lenses with the focus on art and music and on the products of my latest activity, Zazzle.

For one year I have been very active on Zazzle, creating designs with photoshop and vector software, and at this point of the year I’ve got about 500+ products in my store. May has been a very good month for me, with even some bulk sales.

But up to now I didn’t have a central meeting point, a place where I could weave the various threads of my internet activities together. Today I did the final step:


The website is still under construction, but I will continually add content. Besides the fact that this website shows my various sides (Zazzler, Squidooer, blogger, photographer and artist) to the world around me, it helps me to remember them and to keep them all balanced.


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