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Abstract with figure

Abstract with figure. Coloured pencils on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig July 2013

I finished this abstract yesterday. I had no particular reference for it. I was interested in the contrast between something more specific like a human figure and geometrical shapes, and I wanted to play with shades of blue, green and red.

This time I used a small brush for applying the baby oil instead of using q-tips. Besides that I went with colour pencils over some of the areas again. Interesting!

Prince of the Waters – finished

Prince of the Waters. Coloured pencils on watercolour paper.

I had fun doing this – not only the various shades of blue, but also the scales on the Sea person. By the way: I called the painting “prince of the waters” because I see more of a male person than of a female person in it. However, the person definitely has an androgyne character.

I also wanted not to paint a typical mermaid – a seductive looking female. I wanted to portray somebody who’s proud and who is a leader under the waters. That person could be a prince, or a queen, or a king or a princess…

The Kiss

The Kiss. Coloured pencils on Watercolour paper.

I was inspired by a photo showing two mushrooms. Looking at it I saw a mushroom with a face and hands before my eye. After I had drawn the mushroom figure I thought that he needed to be kissed – and added the second creature.

It has been a long time since I used water colour paper, but when I felt my colored pencils going over it I liked it very much. However I definitely don’t like the white spots which you get with it. I had used baby oil with a paper stump before, but decided to go for q-tips this time. I am quite pleased with the result.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse. Coloured pencils on drawing cardboard. Work in Progress

There is a lot to be done yet, more layers with the pencils, and especially the shadows in the foreground.

It is my first real landscape (meaning: not a fantasy landscape). With this I am definitely leaving my comfort zone!

Rhododendron – Work in Progress

Rhododendron – Work in Progress

The June challenge over at the Botanical and Floral forum at WetCanvas is “Rhododendron”. I don’t know whether I will be able to present the finished piece at the 25th of June, but submissions are open till the end of the month.

Most of the pencils I used are Polychromos made by Faber-Castell, but in the meantime I also got some Koh-i-Noors and some Pablos from Caran d’Ache.

Parrot Tulip

Parrot tulip. Coloured pencils, May 2013

This is another example of the fact that looking at your online drawing shows you all the things which still have to be done. I thought I could call it finished, but I still need to work on the contrast – some parts of the drawing/painting still need to be darkened. Well,,,

How to draw feet

I have difficulties with drawing feet, and so I was looking for some useful video tutorials on YouTube.

The first one I found was this one:

It is only a bit more than 7 minutes long, and it shows you how to draw rather cartoonish looking feet.

Another more detailed video, created by Sycra, is this one:

Have fun watching!

Playing with Red and Yellow

Red and yellow abstract. Coloured pencils on cardboard paper. April 2013

This drawing is based on a digital painting I did some weeks ago with Artrage. Again I used baby oil as a solvent, and I am excited how strong the colours get when you do that.

Another horse portrait

horse portrait

Horse portrait. Digital Drawing done with Artrage. Ulla Hennig March 2013

This is the second of my horse portraits which I did with the pencil tool in Artrage and my graphic tablet.

In the beginning it is a bit strange to draw on the tablet and look on the screen to see your strokes. However, the more I practise it, the better it goes. I also noticed that drawing from a photo reference makes you see things you would not if you would not be drawing it – the distance between the ears, the size of the eye, the size of the muzze, the exact position of eye and ears and so on. And sometimes I won’t notice flaws until I upload the drawing …




Eagle. Coloured pencils. Ulla Hennig March 2013

With all the drawing and painting with Artrage going on I don’t want to neglect my coloured pencils. I must admit it is not easy to stick to that goal: Artrage has something addictive to it, especially since the moment I found out how to adjust the settings in order to make my graphic tablet work properly. So I had to kind of drag myself back to the cardboard, but when I had my pencils moving over the paper I felt fascinated again. So I hope to be able to keep that balance between traditional art and digital art!


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