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Hibiscus Lady – final version

Hibiscus Lady. Watercolour pencils on drawing cardboard. February 2014

I tried something new when I did the hair. I first wetted the paper and then applied the watercolour pencil. You get a very rich colour when you do this; however with the drawing cardboard I was running the risk of damaging the paper. I managed to avoid that but I now know that drawing cardboard is not the paper to be used when working with watercolour pencils in this way.

I am still looking for hot-pressed watercolour paper. The watercolour paper pad I’ve got contains sheets of rough paper. The back of this paper is smoother, but I don’t want to remove it from the pad. Well, I’ve got a big catalogue from Boesner which is a rather famous shop here in Germany and will spend some time investigating. …

Flying Bird

Flying Bird. Pastel Pencils on Acrylic paper. February 2014

At the moment I am experimenting with paper and soft pastels and pastel pencils. I tried Ingres paper but I found it way too thin. Maybe I shouldn’t have used a brown Ingres paper – I got no vivid colours at all and did something which I rarely do – I threw the piece into the dustbin.

The paper I used for the flying bird which you can see above is acrylic paper. It has a textured surface  – a bit of a “tooth”, but it is smoother than the rough watercolour paper I used for my grassy rocks. I still have to try it for the soft pastels, because the bird is painted with pastel pencils.

I thought I’d put the bird into a frame which I coloured with my markers (haven’t used them for ages!).

Drawing tutorials on YouTube – Perspective

I used the free time in my 2 weeks vacation to create three categories for my art video tutorials from Youtube: one for painting tutorials, one for drawing tutorials and and for digital tutorials.

The following drawing tutorial is from ShooRainerDrawing channel and focuses on three point perspective. This tutorial is quite short for something as complicated as a three point perspective. However ShooRainer managed to get me interested in learning more about three point perspective. He’s got a cute drawing style and I like the examples he gives.

Grass – quick sketch with a ballpoint pen

Grass. Ballpoint pen on drawing cardboard. Ulla Hennig December 2013

I didn’t know whether this would work so I used a piece of scrap paper. But I like the structures and the lines you can get out of a ballpoint pen, and so in the end I glued the scrap on a piece of drawing cardboard.

I don’t know when I did the last drawing – must have been some time ago. Digital drawings and paintings, oil pastel pieces, coloured pencils pieces, neocolor II watersoluble crayons – there’ s a wide range of mediums I am exploring and playing with. In the beginning of my art career I was very hesitant to dabble with various mediums – I thought that I should focus on one in order to learn and move forward. But now, some months later, I know that everything counts and contributes to the learning process and my progress. I once gave away an acrylic set of paints because I thought that I would never become friendly with them – that thought was a mistake. …

The couple

The couple. Neocolours on watercololur paper. Ulla Hennig November 2013

I am getting hooked on these watersoluble wax crayons. This time I used the rougher side of watercolour paper, and I must say that I like it better than the acrylic paper. I love the intensitiy of the colours. The figures are not the result of a planning process – they more and more developed while playing around with curves and strokes.

The next step will be to draw and paint on the smooth side of the watercolour paper.

Pumpkinflower – final Version

Pumpkinflower – final version

I tried to add more contrast by working with gradients. Then I exported the image into photoshop and added a background with a big sized airbrush in various shades of green. The soft, blurred background acts as a very nice contrast with the sharp lines of the vector pumpkinflower image.

Cat cartoon – coloured with Photoshop

Cartoon cat. Ulla Hennig October 2013

Isn’t he a beauty? Yes, I definitely think of this cat as a “he” – still quite young and very proud of himself.

In my last post I showed you the lineart done with Inkscape. This time I decided to colour the drawing in Photoshop, and I have to admit that I had the same fun with it as I’m having when I do the colouring with Artrage. One thing I find easier to do in Photoshop: to choose the proper colours.

Landscape with tree and lake – sketch

Tree with lake. Ballpoint pen.

This is a rather rough sketch done with a black ballpoint pen. It will serve as the basis for the next digital painting. It shows a tree without leaves on the right side, standing at the shore of the lake, with some hills /rocks / mountains added.

I will import the image into Inkscape and hope to get a decent line drawing which then will be the basis for the digital painting in Artrage. I will document the steps here on my blog.

Appleblossom with fairy – wip

Appleblossoms with Fairy. Work in progress

Lots do be done here still. But now I’ve got a general idea where I am going to. For this I changed to cardstock again – which is of course much smoother than watercolour paper.

Helpful art tutorials on Youtube – perspective

In one of my earlier posts I promised to present helpful art tutorials which I’v been watching on YouTube. Here is one – the first of a series – about perspective. I found it very useful, and I hope it may be useful to you as well!


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