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Green elf – Finished

Green elf. Copics and other markers on very smooth paper. June 2014

This is the finished version. I used copic ciaos and Delta Markers on a very smooth paper. The advantage of this paper is that you can blend very easily on the paper; the disadvantage however is drying takes its time, and even then it has a bit of sticky touch.

The format I chose is DIN-A5 or the half of a usual copy paper size. (DIN A4). This is a bit of an unusal format for mattes and framing; however I found out that Boesner, a very big art shop in Germany, sells DIN A$ frames. So I could put the painting on a DIN A4 piece of cardboard and then frame it.

I don’t know about you but I always have a funny feeling when I’ve finished one piece. On one side I am – at least in this case – quite glad about the result, but on the other hand I’ve no idea what to do next. Okay, I’ve got some ideas in my head, but nothing concrete. The only thing I know is that I would like to do a real painting again – that means, with a background – and that leads to the decision to keep the smaller format.

Plant fairy – work in progress

Plant fairy. copics and other markers on paper. June 2014

This time I wanted to experiment with my greens. I’ve got several shades of green, and the very smooth paper makes it possible to mix or blend the greens even on the paper itself. As you can see here, I focussed on the upper half of my sketch, I had two reasons for that:

  • I wanted to fill in the background and therefore preferred a smaller format (half of a DIN A4 page)
  • I considered the upper half of the sketch with the plant fairy’s head to be more interesting as the lower half. The leaves around her head would provide me with the opportunity to go through all my greens. In the process of doing it I found out that I actually don’t need any additional greens although I had been playing with the idea of buying some.

It doesn’t look like it but the background consists of warm grays, with some spots of red between. I might as well add some “real” browns here and there.

Plant fairy

Plant fairy. Drawing done with Staedtler ink pen. June 2014

I plan to trace that line drawing on my marker paper and the paper I use for my coloured pencils. It will be fun to see the difference between a painting done with markers and a painting done with coloured pencils!

Pansy painted with Markers

Pansy. Copics and other Markers. June 2014

I am still experimenting with the paper. I used the same line drawing which I used for my digital painting.

Wild Cat

Big Wild Cat. Sketch drawn with ballpoint pen and ink pen. June 2014

I had a reference for the sketch – not a photo but a coloured pencil drawing somebody did on deviantart. No, I didn’t trace it – it is a freehand drawing. It’s only a quick drawing exercise, trying to get the proportions right and the watchful expression on the face.

I once planned to do a sketch or drawing everyday, but up to now I didn’t manage to succed with this goal. However I still succeed in doing something artsy every day – experimenting with the marker paper I have, watching YouTube videos about drawing and painting and doing a quick sketch now and then.


Copic Marker Tutorial on YouTube: Realistic Giraffe Baby

As I am focussing on drawing with markers at the moment I also browse through the hundreds of YouTube Video tutorials. I discovered this one which I find very, very helpful. Not only because it shows how to paint/ draw a baby giraffe (I love to paint animals!), but also because it describes the process of laying down one colour after the other. Enjoy!


Red Flower


Red fantasy flower. Pen and ink drawing, coloured in photoshop.

I had used the same drawing before and coloured in in blue hues, as you can see here. This time I thought I could play with reds, and a different background.


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