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Blossoms on the Ground

blossoms on the ground

Blossoms on the Ground. Photo: Ulla Hennig

On some places in my neighborhood the ground is covered with those pink blossoms. For me it is an example how fast those days of Spring pass by – we are in the middle of May now, and the chestnuts are already blooming. (Note to self: Must get photos of them!!)

And it is an example that while the one beauty of nature has passed another one is pleasing our eyes. Time flies, yes, but let us not bemoan passed beauty, let us look forward to the beauty that is to come!

What is the name of this flower?

Unknown flower. Photo: Ulla Hennig

There are people who see a flower and say “Ah, that’s a ….!” And then they take a photo of it. For me, it is the other way round – I see  flowers, think they are worth taking a photo of and take the picture.

No problem with that if I use the photo only to show it to friends (or on my blog) – I call it “unknown flower”. But, as some of you may know, I am into Zazzle for quite some time now, and “postcard with unknown flower” would sound as if I just discovered an up to now unknown flower species.

Not that I did not look it up on some websites. It can be that I know the German name of it, but there was no way to have the English translation.

And now you, my dear reader, are wanted: Do you know the flower above, and how do you call it?

And by the way, that’s my 251st blog post! Isn’t that a reason to do a very moderate Happy dance?!

It is lilacs season again!


Lilacs. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Berlin is a lilacs city. You can see them everywhere and in colors ranging from white, light pink to dark violet.

I had not to go far in order to take this picture – there’s a lilacs bush directly in front of the house where I am living in. I see it every time I leave the house – is not that wonderful?

The first Patches of Green

Green patch. Photo: Ulla Hennig

I took this photo quite some days ago, and the reason why I took it, was that I was so happy to see nature becoming green again. We had a very long winter in Berlin this year, and it was not only a cold, icy winter, it was a grey and dreary winter as well. I’ve got nothing against a cold winter with snow and ice and a blue sky – lovely! But those weeks without sun were a bit too much,

So I was longing for spring. I took a close look at the shrubs and noticed the first green buds. I searched for the first aments and welcomed them, although I knew that they make my nose suffer (I am allergic). And I noticed those green patches, fighting their way through the soil. I tried to capture as much early spring as possible with my camera, knowing that in a few days we will all take green for granted.


Forsythias. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Forsythias are in full bloom now in Berlin. Their yellow, the green of the bushes and shrubs and the blue sky make a wonderful mixture. I’ve read somewhere that yellow is the color of creative and intellectual energy (that’s why those post-its are yellow!)

Yellow is also the color of daffodils, and when I think of daffodils, I think of Wordsworth and his beautiful poetry.


Spring! Spring! Spring! Photo: Ulla Hennig

I saw them yesterday on my walk around the neighborhood. Aren’t they pretty? I would have liked to take them into my hand and feel them, but I could not reach them.

It is so beautiful to see nature getting alive again – and to capture those precious moments with my camera.

Dry leaves

dry leaves

Dry leaves. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Spring has arrived in Berlin with milder temperatures. I can feel it in my nose too, because the pollen of the hazelnut and the alder are flying through the air, and those of the birch tree are waiting to attack.

There are tiny green buds on the bushes, very tiny ones, and you have to get very close in order to see them. But they are there, and when the weather stays like it is at the moment we will have green leaves in two weeks or so.

So I thought I might capture some remnants of winter with my camera, and I found those dry leaves.Well then – good bye, winter!

The Beauty of Autumn


Reflections: Photo: Joanna Young

November is the month most of us do not like very much – it is getting dark early, it is often rainy and the joys of  Christmas are still too far away.

I can only recommend browsing through flickr. I did today. There are a lot of beautiful photos there, and a lot of great photographers. One of them is Joanna Young.

The photo above is a genuine piece of art. It teaches us that even November has its beauty. Thanks for sharing it on Flickr, Joanna!

By the way, Joanna Young not only takes amazing photographs, she is also an inspiring blogger. You can meet her over at Confident Writing, and she also is one of the editors of Joyful Jubilant Learning.

Leaves in All Colors

Here in Berlin October has been a rather dreary month up to now.  There has not been much of a “Golden October”. In the years before we had a symphony of red, yellow, green. This year September was just great – and then with the beginning of October weather changed to almost wintertime.

But there is flickr, flickr with its treasure of photos. I picked out this one because it reflects what I see in my mind when I think of October.

So everyone of you who is experiencing dreary weather with grey sky: have a look at this photo and dream yourself away!

leaves in autumn. Photo: Ctd 2005

Fir Cone

Fir Cone. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Fir Cone. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Fir cones are really nothing unusual. But this could tell a story – the story of the two red squirrels, Max and Maxie.

Actually, Max was the first to discover it, full of seeds, still hanging on one of those towering firs. His little mouth watered – what a delicious meal! Unfortunately, it was not hanging down from the tree he was sitting on. In order to get it Max had to jump through the air. Not that that was any problem – Max was one of the best jumpers of the whole squirrel community. Once a year there was a big jumping contest, and in the meantime most of the other squirrels had lost their interest in the contest because Max always won.

So he jumped. When he landed on the branch with the fir cone, he was greeted with a loud hissing. “This is my fir cone!” He looked into a pair of angry brown eyes. The other squirrel embraced the fir cone with her paws (at second glance he had noticed that the squirrel was female). She definitely was pretty with her glossy red coat. “I saw it first,” Max said. “And I was there first,” she answered.

She was really pretty. Max thought about letting her have the cone. He could easily find another one. If she only had asked him!

“We could fight for it.” She smiled in a rather impertinent manner. “I know that I will get it in the end.” “You won’t!” Max was angry now. Such a cheeky person!  “I will!” Now the two squirrels watched each other’s movements. Maxie was still clutching the fir cone. Max jumped at her, hoping to get her run over by his sheer weight. She dogded him, and he barely managed not to fall from the branch. She ran after him, trying to bite into the lower part of his back. He turned round, attacked her and sunk his teeth into her neck.

The fir cone was forgotten. The two squirrels raced through the branches, up and down the trees. Suddenly they heard a loud “plop”. Obviously the fir cone had dropped from the branch. They stopped fighting. Below them a  very tiny squirrel with a grungy reddish-brown coat approached the cone and rasped away. After his meal he looked into the trees. “Thanks”, he smiled and waved his paw merrily, “Thanks so much!”


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