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Zazzle – another way to be creative

Last weekend I installed my new Photoshop Elements 8. I don’t know why, but I am always a bit afraid of installing new software on my laptop, but everything was nice and easy. And of course I had to try it out.

Normally I put the results of my photo processing activities on flickr, but somehow my inner creator told me to do some zazzling. “What’s that”, you may ask. Well, is an online platform on which you can put your photos on mugs, mousepads, postcards, greeting cards, stickers, magnets and other things, and then offer those products for sale.

Some time ago I had created my first greeting card, and now I’ve added some more products. It is really fun. Searching for the proper image and enhancing that takes most of the time. Uploading it and putting it on a range of products is the result of half an hour (including the time you need to think about which product you like to design – for example there are different kind of bags to chose from).

For me, the fun I have while creating the objects is the main reason for zazzling. Of course I won’t cry if somebody decides to order one of my postcards, bags or magnets…

Pink Rose

Pink Rose. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Pink Rose. Photo: Ulla Hennig

“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December”

James Matthew Barrie, Scottish Dramatist and Novelist, creator of Peter Pan, 1860-1937

In addition to that we could say today “God gave us the digital camera so that we can look at roses in December”.

But maybe we will like to look at

  • colorful candles
  • white snow
  • yellow, blue, or red scarves
  • colorful christmas decorations?

What colors can you think of in December?

Another Web-Adventure: Zazzle

If you would have asked me one month ago “What’s zazzle?” I would not have been able to answer the question.

In the month of September I came to know zazzle via my Squidoo activities. Zazzle is a print-on-demand shop where you can sell certain products with your photos or design on it. You can put your lovely flowers on postcards, greetings cards, mugs, caps, sweatshirts or t-shirts. Or on a calendar, like the one you can see here.

kareyj has become a virtual friend of mine – we met the first time on–a place where you can show your pictures and chat about them at the same time. Her flower pictures are amazing, as you can see here. I showed her my pictures and got many helpful hints.

I like to have calendars on the walls of my flat, and so I asked her to create a calendar for me which I would pay for. This was in the time before I knew zazzle. Now her calendar is on zazzle. They have even opened a German zazzle shop a few days ago, so to order it and to pay it via paypal were just a few clicks.

I am looking forward to holding the calendar in my hands, to touch the product with the pictures we talked about in our weekly chat. I know how much energy and time she put into the calendar, and looking at at from Januar 2010 on will remind me of one very dear virtual friendship very single day.


Dahlia. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Dahlia. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Now is the season where you can see dahlias in full blossom in all kind of colours and forms. On the one hand they are a symbol for the coming end of the year (did you know that we have only 101 days left in 2009?), on the other hand they are a symbol for the beauty of the last late summer days.

Dahlias are plants native to Mexico, Central America and Colombia. In Germany they can be found in almost every garden. My father used to plant them in the tiny garden belonging to our flat. I remember him visiting them every evening after work, watering them, and selecting the prettiest one for the vases in our living room. Ah, sweet memories!

Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Pink Flowers. Photo: Ulla Hennig

As the summer 2009 is slowly coming to an end, I walk around with my camera in my hand, trying to capture as many colorful moments as possible. Here it is the color “pink” which attracted my attention. I could also say “magenta”, but the German Telecom corporation has the ownership of this word in Germany – because all telephone booths are in that color… Well – so it is pink.


Lovely Lavender

Lavender. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Lavender. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Usually, when I hear the word “lavender” I think of

  • lovely soaps
  • the south of France
  • summer
  • the french saying  “joie de vivre” (the Joy of Living)
  • or the Latin “ars vivendi” (the art of Living).

I would not think of the neighborhood I live in, which is rather poor, with people queuing up in front of the local shop in the morning because they need another bottle of beer, with kids hanging around clinging to a bottle of “I’d-rather-not-know-what’s-in-it”.

But: this lovely lavender you see above is part of a small park in my neighborhood. And it reminds me everyday I pass it on my daily way to work that there is also beauty where we often see only ugliness.

A Photo from a Friend


Purple, originally uploaded by Karey46.

I have known Karey46, a nice lady from Michigan, for more than one year now. Every Sunday at a certain time we have a one hour chat, presenting our photos and exchanging our experiences concerning photo-processing, talking about every day life, and – of course! – the weather.

We have met each other via photophlow, a web platform with connection to flickr, where you can present you photos and chat about them. Karey46 has some absolutely awesome flower pictures on her flickr page – you must go and have a look!

Knowing that somebody is waiting for me, eager to see new photos, encourages me to keep on with taking photos of Berlin. It is a way to open my world to another person, to share. And I am very glad that with the internet I have the possibility to do so.

By the way, at the time you will be reading this I will have left Berlin for a one week stay in the Baltic states. I will come back at the 28th of June – up to that day you will get blog posts thrice a week as usual, but I won’t be there to comment or to approve new commenters.

June – the Month of Roses

Yellow Rose. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Yellow Rose. Photo: Ulla Hennig

I like the month of June. In the beginning of June, you can see the first rosebuds, and now, in the middle of June, roses are everywhere. The photo above was taken at the next post office, a modern building with some flower beds in front of it. At the moment yellow roses are in blossom in those beds, and lavender is soon going to bloom.

And when I pass those roses I notice a sweet fragrance – which is very unusual because most of the roses today have no scent at all anymore. In the morning on my way to work this is a wonderful experience, and it is the same on the way back, after a day in the office.

Discover the Beauties of flickr

Easter Color and Light, originally uploaded by Rosa Say.

Rosa Say is not only one of the editors of Joyful Jubilant Learning, she also publishes gorgeous photos at flickr.
Look at that shining yellow – can’t you feel the sun warming you up, can’t you feel your mood turning joyful?

If you want to brighten up your day – visit flickr!
If you want to have a look at regions where you’ve never been – visit flickr!
And if you want to have your pictures seen by your friends, by people all over the globe, join flickr!


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