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Another Owl

Del Red Owl. Watercolour paints and markers on watercolour paper. November 2014

There is an artist on facebook ( who first uses waterpaints, then Copic markers and then coloured pencils. I felt very much inspired by the way she combines those three media, and tried to do something similar. I haven’t been using coloured pencils on the owl up to now because I wanted to be able to compare the two paintings without and with coloured pencils.

This time I used alcoholic markers–copics, Delta markers, Shin Han Touch Markers. Will be back on Wednesday with the final piece which will then have coloured pencils on it as well.

Flower Mandala

Flower Mandala. November 2014

I combined PITT Artist brush pens and Polychromos coloured pencils in this painting. They have the same colour names and the same numbers; however the colour range of the PITT Artist brush pens is more limited–there are only 60 colours, whereas the Polychromos pencils have a colour range of 170.

I used a piece of paper from my sketching pad. I am not very happy with the result–the colours are not so intensive as they are on drawing cardboard or even acrylic paper. I’ve got the impression that the ink is sucked in by the paper. As a consequence I will use the sketching paper for what the name says: sketches and drawings which then can be transfered onto the “real” paper.

Figure drawing

One of the things I definitely have to work on is drawing the human figure. When I searched for “drawing fantasy” I found this video, and as I think it is pretty useful I present it here.



Owl. PITT Artist Brush pen on sketching paper. November 2014

I love, love, love those PITT Artist Brush pens! I must admit there are a lot of owl line drawings on the web, but I decided to make some changes to the one I downloaded as a reference. I added the background as well, using my three shades of green–the light green, the leaf green and the chromoxide green opaque.

I also decided to put up a “real” folder with all the reference material I come across in the internet–tutorials, drawings, line-art and so on. Whenever I have no ideal what to do next I will go through that folder and most certainly find something to paint or draw.

Flower bookmarks

Flower bookmark. PITT Artist Brush Pen on Acrylic paper. November 2014.

I used acrylic paper which was left over thinking that it might be a nice bookmark. The drawing is my own, just the result of doodling around with pencils and pen.

Star Mandala

Star Mandala. PITT Artist Brush pens and Gouache on Acrylic paper. November 2014

I was curious about two things: How would PITT Artist Brush pens and acrylic paper go together and how would gouache paint and indian ink go together? So I fetched my pad of acrylic paper which I’d bought two years ago, my PITT pens and my bottle of golden yellow gouache paint made by Lascaux which I bought this summer.

I think that those two questions can be answered with one sentence: they go together quite well. Of course you have to wait till the ink has dried and is not watersoluble anymore. The golden yellow is layered over red ink–and I had to do more than one layer in order to make it opaque. The yellow wheel in the middle has been layered on dark blue/red colour.

I must admit that at the moment I am hooked on those PITT pen brushes; I had to go to an artstore and buy three new colours, and I am looking forward to paint with them!

Colours and Shapes – final version

Colours and shapes. PITT Artist Brush pen on watercolour paper. November 2014

I have to admit that I fell in love with those PITT artist pens! The colours are so intense. I decided that I want more of them. However buying all the rest of them is a bit much, so I planned to put up a wishlist. I printed out the colour chart and then I sat down and began to write down the colours I have to buy. After half an hour or so I had actually written down a list of ten more colours and put them into my rucksack so that I can easily take it out and buy them on my way home from work.

Today I had to look at that list again. I spent half an hour again with going over each individual item on the list. In the end I just put the list away in my rucksack again. I cannot guarantee however that the items I will bring back home from the store wwon’t be the same as the items on the list…I hate those decisions!!


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